Back in Brissy


I’ve been back home for 6 days now and I love it haha. I’ve had some really nice days with friends. Went to the riverside on my first day, had dinner at Riverbar and then a lovely walk. Catched up with the girls over dinner at Alfred & Constance on my second day, went to Springbrook National Park during the weekend and enjoyed the beautiful nature there. So many waterfalls and amazing lookouts. Loved it!

 15942478_10158005431795392_277410648_n 15943007_10158005431700392_427952176_o 15978237_10158005431805392_785470491_n

I also went to the Gold Coast and Nobby Beach to catch up with a dear friend and had a wonderful day there.


Done some necessary shopping at Indooroopilly Shopping Centre (yes there is something like that haha) and yesterday I went for Lebanese dinner at Byblos. Ah the food was delicious!! So happy to eat food my mum sometimes cooks. Missed it quite a lot but now I know where to go when I need it 😛 Today will probably be a pool day, just relax and read a good book. Don’t have much plans until my dear friends comes visiting from Sweden on Saturday, will be so much fun!!!!


Ciao for now =)

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Final stop!

My final stop Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). I’m not sure I’ve told you earlier but I’ve been quite fed up with Asia for some time, basically since Indonesia haha. As you know I didn’t like it there and so it kind of ruined a lot. I had nice last days because I stayed quite a lot at the hotel and then got to Singapore which I absolutely loved. I’d say every second country/city has been good and every second has been shit. So yeah, Indonesia sucked, Singapore was awesome, Kuala Lumpur was shit as f*ck, Hoi An was pretty but it rained and ruined a lot as well, Ho Chi Minh has been both. It was bad when I was in Saigon but I did a tour that was good. The city is just too much. The traffic is horrible, worse than Bali because the roads are bigger. I’m crossing the streets sometimes without looking because if I look I will never be able to cross. It’s like, walk and if you die you die. The people are terrible in English which has annoyed me so much!!! The air pollution is bad, I can’t wait for some fresh air in Brisbane. By the way, going home today! I was first supposed to leave on the 17th of January, then changed to the 12th and in Kuala Lumpur I changed again to the 3rd haha. Can tell you I’m quite happy about going home.

Let me tell you about my days here in Saigon. Got to my hotel Icon 36 midday, was hungry so I tried to find a good restaurant on Tripadvisor, ended up at Eleven Café & Restaurant where I had a good pasta and fresh juice. After that I took a walk to Vincom Shopping Centre which was disappointing. It was like 5 floors but each floor quite small and not many good shops. I just bought a pair of Levi’s. Continued walking around, ended up in an area called Times Square, was way too hectic. The area where Vincom was was actually very clean, new, modern and not as hectic. I liked it. I was really feeling for a dessert so I found a place just outside the hotel, MZ Café, went there and had a passion fruit cake which was not very good haha. And an American family with a lot of kids got in, made so much noise. They ruined my quiet evening 😛

 15841259_10157966918780392_1054603671_n 15870720_10157966918815392_1214785722_n 15870607_10157966919080392_1809759327_n

My second day started very early at Hurom Juice Café where the Grasshopper Adventures meeting point for the tour was. I met up with the guide and 5 other travellers. We started off by driving about 1,5hrs to the Mekong Delta where we got our bikes. Rode for 16km and had a few stops at nice places and got to see how the locals work. It was very interesting. The ride was very nice as well, sometimes a bit scary because of the bad roads. It was about 30 degrees so super hot haha, but we felt it usually when stopping only. Our first break was at a local café where we had delicious fruits, ice cold water and some snacks. It was nice =) We then continued 12km and that road was even more beautiful! I felt like Julia Roberts in Eat, pray, love =D Such a nice tour! The bike ride ended at a Vietnamese family’s home where we got home cooked lunch. Very good! =) We had some nice time there and then got on a.. hmm I guess Vietnamese boat, that took us on the man made river for about 30mins. We got stuck at one point because something had got stuck in the engine haha. What an adventure… The whole day was so nice and calming in some way. Away from the hustle and bustle of Saigon. I was a bit hungry when I got back to the hotel so I took a stroll first of all, to Marou Chocolate shop where I got some chocolate bars =) We had actually visited one of the places where they make the cocoa for this chocolate so I felt I had to buy some. Anyway, stopped by at Saigon Café and had pasta bolognese (I know I’m boring but I can’t deal with Asian food anymore!!) and then back to the hotel. I was exhausted from the bike tour.

 15870987_10157966921015392_1628932363_n 15871056_10157966920695392_1319804848_n 15870772_10157966919125392_1981403618_n

Today is my last day (wooohoooooooo) and I started off by taking a walk to Benh Tang Market where I bought a nice kimono but seriously, I basically left after that haha. What a headache. Ugh, the people, the crowd, the heat… I couldn’t deal with it. I had to buy a suitcase though so I continued to Thai Benh Market that the hotel receptionist had recommended. It was the worst ever. My eyes were hurting from the air, it smelled disgusting and yeah, just the worst market ever. I didn’t buy anything there either, took off as soon as I could so I went to Co.op markt where I bought 2 small plastic bags. Ended up at MZ Café again for lunch and had Quesadillas which were really nice. I’m now heading to the airport for a long flight back home but so worth it as a lot of fun is waiting for me =)

 15841738_10157971611655392_81267609_n 15871398_10157966921350392_1319197471_n

Second photo is just something funny 😛

See you in Brissy <3


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Rain rain in Hoi An

Halo as they say in Vietnam =)

First of all, I was like the only white person traveling from Ho Chi Minh City to Da Nang airport haha. I had a change of flight there from Siem Reap (cheapest option :P) and I had to go through passport control, get my bag and go to the domestic terminal to check in again, stressful as it was a bit slow at the passport control, puh. Anyhow, while at the departures they changed gates for the flight and it was confusing as hell because it was one gate on the boarding pass, another gate on the information screen and then at the final gate there was another flight…? Haha. Well, I managed to get to Hoi An safe and sound. Was funny how everybody stared at me though because it was me and Asians only basically.

Arrived quite late to my hotel, Vinh Hung Library Hotel, and was greeted by friendly staff. My room was super adorable! Loved it! Didn’t do much more than going to bed that night =)


My second day I walked around in the Old Town in a super rainy Hoi An. It was flooded in some places and stupid me wore sneakers. Should have taken my flip flops instead as I had to throw my sneakers because they were obviously too wet to ever dry. The town itself is very cute and beautiful. A lot of tailor shops which was quite cool. What disgusted me (of course there’s something) was people peeing on the streets! I was walking by the river and then see a Vietnamese woman just run to the river, sit down and pee? IIeewwww!!! Saw a man here and there as well. Just go to a restroom will you! Otherwise I liked it a lot and would like to go back some day for like 4-5 days but when it’s summer and hot because I want to see the beach there. Head it’s very beautiful. I took a short rest at The Espresso Station which is a nice café with very good hot chocolate and muffins 😛 I met 2 people from Grasshopper Adventures as well. They were very kind and good company while sitting there :) I actually booked a tour through them in Ho Chi Minh City but I’ll tell you about that in another post. I got a really good discount as well from the man, Steve, and that was so nice of him! After that, I continued to walk around and then got hungry so I went to The Little Menu for Vietnamese lunch. My food was delicious!!! I found all these spots on Tripadvisor =)

 15841002_10157966918405392_1638703136_n 15841065_10157966918445392_1627378695_n


Didn’t do much more that day. It was New Years Eve but I wasn’t in the mood for anything in that rain. It continued all evening so I’m not even sure if their festivities were going on or if they cancelled them. I wasn’t sad about that though as I had a lovely 3 hour video chat with my best friend back home in Sweden and then a shorter one with my family :) Lovely evening!

The day after I took off early to the airport to fly to Ho Chi Minh City to spend 2 nights there. More about that later =)

Tata for now!



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Charming Siem Reap

Hey there :)

Hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas holiday. Time for New Years!

I arrived to Hoi An in Vietnam last night. Finished my trip in Siem Reap yesterday afternoon.
I loved everything about it. I spent 2 nights at Chhaya Angkor Boutique hotel and it was great. Even though the breakfast was a bit poor it was compensated by being at the rooftop. The staff was so kind and lovely. I would go back just to see all of them again. I got picked up by a tuk tuk that was sent from the hotel and my first thought was, seriously? But it was fun! I used the tuk tuk everyday and I loved it haha. In some way, you see the city in other ways rather than being in a car. It’s like becoming a part of the culture. Very interesting.
Didn’t do much the first day as I arrived quite late in the evening. I got an aromatic oil massage in my room for 1 hour and it was well needed after carrying the backpack to the airport. I usually get a taxi or shuttle from the hotel but in KL the taxi was expensive and took double the time than the train. Also the hotel shuttle was double the taxi price. It was nice taking the train though. I started chatting to a British man already at the station so we kept each other company going there.


Me and two of the lovely girls working at the hotel <3

On my second day The tuk tuk driver took me on a small tour in Angkor Wat. It was amazing to see as it’s been on my bucket list. So cool! At Angkor Thom I met a German girl who was so friendly! We ended up having a Cambodian lunch together and decided to meet in the evening again. I went to watch the sunset at one of the temples but when I got there I saw a super long line. I asked two men what people were queuing for and they said that people were lining up to get in to the temple and watch the sunset. It didn’t make any sense to me though because the sunset was from where I was standing and I didn’t go in. And also I would’ve had to queue for about 1,5hr before getting in and the sun would set within the hour haha. I decided to go back to my tuk tuk, got to the hotel and ran up to the rooftop. Catched the sunset for a minute :)

   15820197_10157949090660392_180870839_n 15750367_10157949090755392_2036598757_n 15781959_10157949090705392_652358826_n

Around 8pm I met Katja at Khmer Touch Cuisine for Cambodian dinner. This was located at Pub Street so after that we went to the club Temple that played really good music and it was actually a very nice place with 3 floors. At the top it was more of a lounge with pool and all. We stayed mainly at the ground floor and danced. It was hilarious partying with Asians, never done that before. Really fun people! We took a short stroll around Pub Street to check it out and we saw those food carts selling disgusting grilled insects! They had spiders, snakes and scorpions, like really???? Our evening didn’t end too late which was nice as we left when we had the most fun! I think that’s good because that’s how you’ll remember the evening :)

 15749955_10157949092675392_81979497_n 15801760_10157949093275392_2066875371_n

Oh my third and last day I went to Croq’ Me for breakfast because I had overslept and missed the hotel breakfast. It was so nice having a panini instead of all the noddles and toasts I’ve had for a few weeks haha. After my breakfast I walked around town to explore it a bit and I ended up at a beautiful temple called Wat Preah Prohm Rath where a monk showed me around and then I met two super friendly Americans :) A chat with them and then continued to get my henna tattoo at M Fashion. I have this thing for them, love it haha. Then it was time to leave for the airport and Hoi An. Will update about Hoi An in a few days :)

 15801690_10157949093240392_1420497392_n 15801575_10157949093270392_1405442169_n

Until then, I wish you all a very Happy New Year and as they say in Cambodia, I wish you very good luck :)

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Kuala Lumpur

Good afternoon!

I’ve been in Kuala Lumpur for 4 days, now heading to Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Hmm… I arrived late at night to Victory 2 Boutique hotel, around 2 am. My first impression was WTF?! is this??? I had booked a hotel that was supposed to be quite nice according to the reviews. How wrong! It looked like a crack shack from the outside, I was scared just by walking in. The lift looked like it was taken out of a horror movie. Upon check in I asked for a quiet room, the receptionist said that because I was the last one I’d had to take what was given to me. Oh, such a nice service… So I got a room on the same floor as the reception and the bedroom and bathroom were horrible as well. The shower was leaking and they couldn’t even provide with new shower gel and schampo, they just left what was there from the previous guest. Like seriously? And he was so rude, making so much noise in the middle of the night and chatting so loud with a friend. Ugh… Like people were trying to sleep! The first thing I did was looking for a new hotel and so I booked a room at The 5 Elements in Chinatown. Looked good! Slept a few hours and the bed gave me a back pain from the metal things in the mattress. I could feel it all while sleeping. Not very comfortable. So as soon as I woke up I took a taxi to the other hotel and gosh what a difference!! So much nicer! Left my bags and got out for breakfast. I found a really nice spot with western sandwiches just outside. It was called Toast I think. Delicious breakfast and spoke to some dutch guys who were there as well. Tried to get some tips on what to do in KL, they lived there so local tips are always good but they ended up telling me what I already knew haha. Guess there’s not much to do in KL. I was supposed to go to Batu Caves the first day but because of hotel changes I didn’t go. Walked around in Chinatown (my God, so many fake brands!!) and then took the train to KLCC. Saw the Petrona Towers and then walked around in Suria KLCC Shopping centre and Pavilion Shopping centre. That’s always a good idea 😛 Didn’t do much else afterwards, got pretty late.


 15724124_10157933557455392_1797160281_n 15782151_10157933557640392_1073130537_n 15750319_10157933557605392_1431612334_n

On my second day I was picked up by a tour guide who would take me to Cameron Highlands. I can’t believe I had booked that haha! Most boring tour ever and my tour guide was an idiot with idiotic opinions. 11 hours with him, yay…. Not. He took me to a rose farm, strawberry farm, tea plantation and waterfalls. Honestly, there were so much more on the itinerary  but yeah he was an idiot so he didn’t take me there. I basically spent most of the time in the car because of the traffic and all, well well. The tour company is MM Adventure. I had read a lot of good reviews but I guess I just got a bad tour guide.

 15673397_10157933557830392_1896999809_n 15749617_10157933557775392_160454792_n 15731502_10157933557655392_1705912028_n

My third day was supposed to be spent in Langkawi. I had already booked a flight and ticket to the cable car but it was going to rain all day so I didn’t find it appealing to go as I was going up in the mountains and you don’t really see anything if it’s raining. They could also cancel the cable car if it was heavy rain. So I went to KL Tower for a nice view of the city. Had afternoon tea there (Malaysian cakes are no good haha) and then I wanted to go to Mid-Valley Mall but whichever taxi driver I asked wanted to charge me 3-5 times the regular price. Of course I didn’t go. Walked to Suria KLCC again instead. Did some shopping, had dinner and then took a cab back to the hotel.


Today I left the hotel around 9, got the train to the airport and now I’m in Ho Chi Minh City’s airport, waiting for my connecting flight to Siem Reap :) Going to Angkor Wat tomorrow so that’s fun! I don’t have much time in Siem Reap, a few hours tonight, all day tomorrow and then a few hours in the morning on the 30th. From there I’m flying to Hoi An for 2 nights, then Ho Chi Minh City 2 nights and then back home to Brriiisssbaaannneeee! So excited about going home earlier! Get to see a friend before she leaves and spend some time with my other friends before it’s time for New Zealand.

Ahh,.. long post haha.
See you in Siem Reap :)

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