South east Asia

I thought I might as well tell you about my trip! I haven’t finished booking everything yet. Kind of stuck at two countries but this is what is done for me so far.

1. Indonesia

I’m going to Indonesia for 12 nights in total. Starting off in Bali with a 3 day tour to different places I’ve picked out. After my first 5 nights in Bali I’m going to the Gili Islands (3 islands) and Lombok. I haven’t really decided how long I will stay in each island so I will just go with the flow. I need to be back at Bali for the last night though as that’s where my flight will depart from.

2. Singapore

This is where I will spend Christmas Eve =) I will stay in Singapore for 3 nights and I have planned some places to visit but no tours. I didn’t find anything special I wanted to do so it will be sightseeing in the city which is great! There are a few places I’m super excited about it to visit.

3. Malaysia

Odd enough I’m just spending 4 nights here haha. Christmas Day will be spent in Batu Caves as I’m doing a half day tour and then I’ll find something fun to do in the evening. I’m doing some Kuala Lumpur sightseeing and then a day trip over to Langkawi for some sightseeing there. I’ve also booked a Cameron Highlands day tour which will be awesome.

4. Cambodia

Cambodia is also a short stop for me. I have booked 3 nights here, starting with one in Phnom Penh and then continuing with 2 nights in Siem Reap. I’m doing an Angkor Wat day tour there and this has been on my ”must visit places” list for years so excitiiinnnngggggg =D

5. Laos (not booked yet)

So, yeah I haven’t booked Laos yet but it’s in progress. I was actually doing Vietnam after Cambodia and then the Philippines but since Vietnam had so many places I wanted to visit I would only have 5-6 days in the Philippines and I want to stay there longer so I decided to go to Laos first, then Vietnam and then back home to Brisbane. I’ll have to do Philippines another time hehe. But since nothing is booked yet for Laos this could all change!

P.S I’ve found a super cool and adventurous tour in Laos!!!! But I won’t tell you until I’ve booked it hihi.

6. Vietnam (not booked yet)

I will book this as soon as I’ve decided 100% where to go and what to do in Vietnam. I might be able to shorten the amount of days which could give me some time for Philippines… But we’ll see =) I’m doing a bit everyday before bed because that’s the only time I’ve got aside from the assessments huhu.

After these 6 countries I’ll be in Brisbane for just a few days before leaving to New Zealand. Another amazing and adventurous trip. I know that even after Asia I’m going to be exhausted haha but you only live ones… And I will not have my next school holiday until May/June anyway so that will give me time to relax and start planning my next Asia and Fiji trip 😉

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Soon over


Sorry it’s been so long again. I’ve been trying to get it work with mobile blogging but I don’t get much help and it just doesn’t work. I’m going to change blog portal but that will take time as well. Anyway, no more of that shitty stuff.

I haven’t been doing much since my last hectic weekend. I’ve been studying a lot as I have 5 assignments due next week (I’m dying! huh) and I haven’t spent much time by the pool lately. I think it’s been 1,5 weeks since last.. that’s a long time haha. Last weekend I did some shopping with a friend and we’ve just been relaxing. I started working out again and stopped haha. I’ve been too stressed about school to even do it in the morning. As soon as I wake up I study. I really just want to finish everything on time because then I’m leaving for south east Asia (excited, yaaayy!!!).


Love my rooftop view

Instead of working out we’ve actually been taking beautiful walks in the evenings. I love this city so much! It’s amazing. Here are some pictures I’ve been taking =)

 15135885_10157738089840392_3262232169779142614_n 15134746_10157738089170392_5354629454291789068_n

Kangaroo point cliffs and South Bank

Sorry about a very boring post but there’s not really much to say right now. As soon as this trimester is over I’ll have more time for blogging and besides, I will be traveling a lot so it will be more fun and exciting to read =) I hope.. haha.

Saying goodbye with this picture!


Max Brenner chocolate

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Good times


It’s been quite hectic and fun 2 weeks since I got back from amazing Whitsunday. I had some assignments due that week so all good at school. The weekend was fantastic! Friday was spent in the CBD, having lunch with a friend and just walking around and enjoying everything. We ended the evening at my rooftop terrace with some delicious wine. Saturday started perfectly by the pool with amazing weather and good friends. As other Saturdays we ended up having a great pool party with drinks, music and dance. We then continued the evening at my rooftop and ended at my friends´ terrace with again, more drinks and more dancing. Oh just remembered something hilarious that happened hahaha!!!

Me and one of the guys went downstairs to my place to get some more wine, and didn’t check the time. (The access to the rooftop closes at 10pm…) So, we got the wine and tried to get up with the elevator but it didn’t work, obviously because it was after 10pm haha. So I started panicking of course because I didn’t have my phone with me, our friends were at the rooftop with no key to get downstairs with the elevator and of course my dear friend thought he had his phone but it was a package of cigarettes in his pocket haha. We took the fire escape stairs, thought we were so smart. Walked 9 levels up (I died, still panicking). Got up to level 18 and what happens there? The door is locked!!!!! Hahaha! I was about to start crying haha. This was not fun, then. So we walked downstairs again, I pulled every handle on each floor, trying to get out and locked all the way down to level 10. Got out, took the elevator to my place and that’s when I remembered I had iMessage on my mac (thank you Apple <3) so I texted my girlfriend, telling her to bring everybody down by asking someone else to let them out and then we were gonna continue to my other friends´ place. Luckily she was smarter than me at that point so she took everybody to the ground level and didn’t need a key for that and then we took off. This story makes me laugh so much every time I think about it but at that moment I wanted to cry haha 😛

Huh long day eh?

So on Sunday me and my 2 girlfriends did a short road trip to Coolangatta which is in the Gold Coast. Enjoyed the beautiful beach all day, had some lunch, walked to a lookout point and then drove back home. I was exhaaauuussstteeeeeddd but such a beautiful day!

 Namnlöst 1


Me and one of the girls also went to Bribie Island on Monday, but no car. We took the train and bus. So easy. Something fun happened that day too haha!!!! We walked to Bribie National Park, got lost in the heat (+30 degrees celsius) and were dying haha. Luckily we got out to a road, a car came along and I stopped it. The lovely lady took us back to the beach, laughed at us of course haha but super kind. Bribie was nice but I kind of expected more. Don´t think it´s a place you actually gotta see. I´m happy I did because it was kind of on my list of places in Brisbane :)

 3 2

Bribie Island

So the rest of the week has been calm. I´ve been to school and of course my pool because it´s been boiling hot but I still love it!! =D This weekend is going to be all about pool, study, some shopping and continue planning trips. Just a calm one because I have a feeling next weekend is going to be hectic again… Need to relax a bit haha.

Long post!! Hope I got to make you laugh a bit with my stories though 😛 Sorry I didn’t post anything from Saturday and Friday but it’s nothing you gotta see actually =)

See ya!


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Whitsunday Island


Ahhh I’ve had an amazing weekend!!! =D

I booked a last minute trip to Whitsunday Islands for the Great Barrier Reef. Stayed Friday-Monday and had one tour booked for the weekend but I hadn’t planned anything for Friday.

Upon check in at the hotel, Whitsunday Vista, I found a brochure about jet ski tours, and oh do I love jet skiing. Called Whitsunday Jetski Tours and lucky me, they had one jet ski left so I got picked up and then the tour started. The tour was 1,5 hour long and they took us to different parts of the islands and I saw 2 turtles at Turtle bay =D It was a crazy tour!! The waves were so high and strong that I jumped up from the jet ski all the time and actually almost flew off haha! I had a few bruises the day after from hitting myself on the jet ski when I bumped down again haha. But who cares, because it was amazing!

 14908163_10157629611325392_3863575451017235353_n IMG_7139

On Saturday I went on the ocean rafting tour with Whitsunday Ocean Rafting which was a lot fun as well. The boat is really fast and the captain even turned really quick a few times to give us the thrill. looooovvveeed it! We went snorkeling, had lunch on Whitehaven beach (most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen!!!) and then they took us back. It was a tour of about 7 hours and it was great! I got to know some fun people too, always a pleasure!

  IMG_7187 IMG_7197 IMG_7167

On Sunday I had a sailing and snorkeling tour booked but when I got to see pictures from a scenic flight tour I decided that I wanted to do that instead. And I was so lucky because they actually cancelled my sailing tour (not enough people) so I’ll get my money back. And of course I booked the scenic flight tour with GSL Aviation and it was 1 hour over the Whitsunday Islands and the Great Barrier reef <3 Again, lucky me because I got to sit in cockpit hihi 😀

 IMG_8295 IMG_8277 IMG_8264

After that I spent some time at Airlie beach, shopping and just enjoying the area and tomorrow I’m flying back home to Brisbane, back to reality.


Thank you for this time amazing Whitsundays! I’m sure I’ll see you again 😀


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What a blogger

Seriously, I feel like the worst blogger ever haha. I haven’t updated for a while and I just didn’t take my time to do it. I’ve been very busy with school but I have still had time to update! Lazy ass… I’m actually trying to get my mobile blogging to work so that I can be more spontaneous about it but it’s seems to be difficult to get help with that… Ugh annoying!

So what have I been up to lately?

School, pool, clubbing, board games with friends and so on =) It’s been some hectic and great fun weeks! I’ve also booked half my New Zealand trip which is exciting hihi =D I know my whole plan there now just waiting for an answer about something from the bus company and then I can book the other half. Seems I’ll be staying for about 28 days there. Lovellyyyyy!!!

And now I’m going to look into my Asia trip which is quite soon! It’s in December. I also have other smaller trips planned for here in Australia. First up is the red center and that’s next weekend. It’s going to be a really cool experience!

I will for sure try to blog more because I do have some beautiful pictures I want to share =)

See ya!


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