Intense week


Haven’t updated all week. I’ve thought about doing it so many times but I just haven’t had the time for it.

I’ll start this post with a video of beautiful fireworks and then you can read all about it and my week =)

On Monday I went to school but not for lessons, they started on Tuesday. I just needed some help with installing a program on my laptop and then I stayed a bit in the library to go through blackboard, our student portal. Didn’t really do anything fun that day 😛

So I started school on Tuesday and I was so excited! It was a great lesson where we got to know a bit about each other and we got to draw the room in scale. We actually need to learn drawing like that for decorating homes =) It was fun! I met up with a friend after school and we took a stroll around in the valley looking for supermarkets of different kinds and I bought some Asian food. Honestly, Australia has the worst range ever when it comes to food. No lactose free products (except milk) and I need to go different supermarkets to be able to cook one meal. It’s so hard to find things here, I hate it haha. I’ve lost wait because I barely eat food haha!

Wednesday was a rainy day, but that doesn’t mean my trainer would cancel the bootcamp haha. It didn’t rain when we trained but got damn the grass was so wet. I was super dirty and my clothes were soaked when I got home. He made us crawl just because it had rained haha. Evil!! It was fun even if I wanted to cry sometimes hahaha. After the bootcamp I headed to school for my afternoon and evening classes. All fun!

Now we’re coming to the three super fun days.

Went to school on Thursday, had a gap on 4 hours between two lessons so me and one of my classmates went to eat Japanese for lunch, yummy dumplings! And then we stayed at school, studied until it was time for the last lesson. I was exhausted after being at school for 10 hours but I still went to Cloudland for some salsa dancing (I can’t dance but I do it anyway). It’s the most beautiful nightclub I’ve been too, seriously! And the salsa is only Thursdays. Like Brisbane Square, these also have a lesson before the party starts but that’s at 9pm and I finish school at 9.30pm so no chance for me to learn. But I don’t care, I go anyway. I dance to the reggaeton music whenever they play that haha.

 1 Namnlöst

Woke up completely exhausted on Friday, went to the bootcamp (was so close to turn back several times). After that I chilled by the pool for a few hours then went back up to study a bit before the next salsa evening. Went to Brisbane square for some dinner and then me and my friend went dancing a bit until my second friend came to join us. I had a great time! I danced with an Argentinian guy who is a professional dancer and he was so good. I might start taking lessons with him actually. Best ever! After the salsa me and one of the friends went to Fridays which is a nightclub (not TGI Fridays). It was really nice with a rooftop overlooking the river and Story Bridge. We had a great time there as well. Definitely going back =)


You can actually see story bridge in the background =)

Saturday was another long day haha. Was chilling by the pool with two friends, then we went to Kangaroo Point Cliffs to watch the Sunsuper Riverfire which is the closure of Brisbane Festival and it’s fireworks around the river. We bought snacks, wine and so and had picnic as we went there 2 hours before the fireworks. We ended up being around 20 people so certainly a wonderful time. The fireworks were spectacular!! After the show we started walking back home but Story Bridge wouldn’t open until 8.30pm so we went in to a Deerys at Story Bridge Hotel for some dinner. Then we continued to my friends’ place for some chilling in the balcony.

2 3

View from Story Bridge when we crossed it and Deerys at Story Bridge Hotel


View frview from Kangaroo Point

Huuuhhh, long week! Sunday today, haven’t done much. Grocery shopping with a friend and then studied all day. My assignments are so much fun! Interior, interior, interior <3 Oops, can’t forget the rooftop terrace =) I have one in the building so went up there to see the sunset with two friends. Niicceeeee

6Not a bad view eh? 😉


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Weekend fun

Hey 😀

Busy and fun weekend! It started with my bootcamp training on Friday then me and a friend did some bar hopping and continued to Brisbane Square for some salsa dancing outdoors =) It was so much fun!! I really don’t know how to dance salsa, reggaeton or any of those Spanish/Latin American dances haha but my friend surely does as she is from Chile. What’s so great about this is that first of all it’s outdoors, second that they start with a 45min class which is for free and third, you are not allowed to say no if someone asks you for a dance :) I always tried avoiding dancing since I got no rhythm at all haha but the men/boys were so nice that they taught me! I’m going back on Friday =)

Here’s a video from the salsa evening

Saturday was quite calm. I took at stroll to the Valley market which was shit haha. Like 5 stalls and nothing interesting at all. But, I didn’t go home for that. I continued walking to Bakery Lane where I bought the most delicious raspberry brownie ever and then Winn Lane, continued down to James Street and then back home =)


Brisbane Square, the casino in the background

On Sunday I went to another market, Gypsy Vindie, and again I got very disappointed. I think I’m gonna stop visiting the markets haha! Oh well, except Eat St because that’s great =) So after my 2mins at Gypsy Vindie I went to Indooroopilly Shopping Center. Didn’t stay long at all but did some shopping. I then went to my friend who lives in that area. I was invited to her place for Chilean lunch with her other friends. It was such a great time!! We laughed a lot and the food was delicious. When I got home I met up with my friends who lives in the building next to mine and we were just going to drink coffee (tea) somewhere but ended up at a bar I had found on google. Tea, cake and a couple of glasses of wine later we went home. Love these spontaneous nights!

Ah, all in all I had a really good weekend!

This week it’s time for school and hopefully an excursion on Sunday! <3

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School Orientation

Good evening!

Wiieee I went to school yesterday for the orientation and woooowww what a beautiful school! I’m going to take photos on Monday and show you guys =) I was so happy being there. I got to meet my teachers (most of them) and the program manager has such a happy personality and she was so kind. I just can’t wait to start. So happy to be this excited. I also bought myself an art kit which I need for school and ugh the bag with everything inside was so heavy to carry home haha. A lot of fun stuff though! I am a very artistic person and quite good at drawing and painting and I had a lot things for coloring in the bag. I kind of want to use them now but then I might have to buy new ones and they were not cheap haha 😛


Here’s what I had in the art kit bag. And that’s my new (and 2nd) laptop.

Today I had a PT session with Blueprint and it was for 30mins but intense and very good! I have another session next Thursday but I won’t book in anymore after that. I want to see how it will go with the bootcamp first and besides, three times a week is enough for now since I really need to focus on school.

I have quite a busy weekend which is great! Meeting some people for a twilight market, dinner and drinks on Friday. Saturday is market day, following with another meet up and then a festival in the evening. Sunday is Gypsy market which I’ve been looking forward to sooooooo much <3 Will see what I will do in the evening =)

Hope you’ll all have a good weekend too =)

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Yesterday I did something that was really fun! I have joined Blueprint Health & Fitness which is bootcamp training at City Botanic Gardens. I have a gym at home but if I need to train alone then I don’t do it because it’s so boring haha so I’ve been looking for other gyms which offer group sessions but I couldn’t find anything that appealed to me. I’ve passed Blueprint twice when I’ve been in the park and it looked so fun! I mean, how great isn’t it to train outdoors when the sun is shining??

I found a great deal on Groupon (luckily) and it was only AUD19 for 4 weeks of bootcamp + 2 pt sessions. Cheapest ever! I hope to continue when my first 4 weeks are over. So far I’ve only been to one session, next is tomorrow. It’s 3 times a week during lunch. I walk there and it takes exactly 28mins but I’m hoping that I can ride the bike eventually. It’s too scary now in the beginning. It’s on the wrong side of the road (from what I’m used to) and they don’t have special bike lanes on the first half of the road which is why I’m a little bit scared. I need someone to go with me the first 2-3 times haha. Taking the bike would only take me 13mins which is perfect.

Today I went to the city center for some errands and then.. pool =)

Ciao for now!

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Rain vs Sun


So tired today, don’t know why haha. I haven’t done much these days. It was raining all Friday and Saturday so I spent those shopping with some friends at Queen St Mall and Indooroopilly Shopping Center. It was nice and relaxing. Ate a delicious cheesecake at Indooroopilly 😛 Could go back only for that haha. There’s by the way a super good shop here in Brisbane. It’s Japanese and almost everything is AUD2,80 and they have EVERYTHING and nothing haha. I didn’t have much time to go through but I’m going back soon. It’s crazy!

 IMG_6877 IMG_6878

Today was super sunny and hot, I think around 27 degrees. There was a Scandinavian Festival at Austin St so me and a friends went there. I was disappointed though. Not much to offer. And so we only stayed for 45mins and then walked to South Bank where a part of the Brisbane Festival is. That was so much nicer, good music, good food and a beautiful location. I will try to go next Saturday again.

That’s basically all I’ve been doing. Next week’s weather is going to be really nice to I’m going to be lazy and hang by the pool =)

See ya!

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