Good evening!

It’s been a very hot day today and I really have to get used to that 20 degrees in Australia is way hotter than 20 in Sweden haha. I’m always wearing too much clothes, ugh.


Today I took a walk to South Bank where the Collective Market is every Sunday =) It was a nice walk there and then I went to Kiss the Berry, bought a bowl with good stuff and sat down by the river just enjoying the weather. On my way back home I stopped by Target, which I found a bit like Primark. It’s completely different to the one in America, hmm… And then I went to the bookshop and bought two new psychological thrillers (can’t wait to start reading them!). It’s been a very calm and nice day =) I’m probably just going to lay by the pool tomorrow and read.

 IMG_6410 IMG_6411

I hope that some things will be sorted next week so I can go to Gold Coast, Byron Bay and Sydney. I’m going to make short trips out of them just to keep myself busy before school and of course I want to see these places hihi. I also hope we will have a Friday off sometime in October so I can go to the Red Center, that will be awesome!

That’s all for today =) tattaaaaa

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Me, myself and…

Buhhuuuu I was so sad when my sister left. Don’t even know when I will get to see her again =( Hopefully soon, but some friends have said they are coming to visit so that’s good. At least I will get to see someone =)

So, what have I been up to these two days here all alone?

Me and my sister met a girl named Nikki when we were at Fraser Island. She was in our tour group and said she was coming to Brisbane soon. So on Thursday when I was taking my sister to the train station we accidentally met Nikki outside. She had texted me before saying she would come Thursday but had no idea where she would stay and it turned out she was only 10 mins from my apartment =)


Nikki to the left =)

Anyway, I had some things to do during the day so I went in to the city then did some grocery shopping. Just boring things.. Met up with Nikki for dinner in the evening and we went to a Japanese restaurant called Harajuku Gyoza. Never going there again!!! When someone enters the whole staff literally screams in Japanese, I assume they greet you. When someone orders sake, they scream a song, when someone leaves they scream again. It was soooo annoying. And the food? The dumplings were very, very good but my noodles with chicken were without taste. I couldn’t finish it so I ordered more dumplings instead haha. Luckily, I had great company so we did have a nice time =)

 IMG_6261 IMG_6207

Pictures from our walk. It wasn’t that dark, the pic is instagram filtered =)

On Friday I met up with Nikki in the morning and she wanted me to show her around a bit. I’m not very good at Brisbane but I tried my best haha. We walked to Botanic Gardens, from there to South Bank, then Kangaroo Point and back home crossing the Story Bridge. We walked about 17km that day so when I got home I fell asleep haha. I was really exhausted. But, we only stayed at home for like 2-3 hours because then we were going out again. Some of her roommates joined us and we walked to the ferry station close to us and took the Cityhooper, which is a free ferry on the Brisbane river, and just enjoyed the beautiful city at night. So beautiful with the lights and skyscrapers =) After that we just went home but it was quite late anyway.

 IMG_6255 IMG_6242

Unfortunately Nikki is leaving Brisbane today so I won’t see her again. I will try to join her on one of her stops along the coast but I need to get some things sorted out here first =)

Today I’m thinking about walking over to James Street and have a stroll there, no plans for the evening yet =)

Bye for now!

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Okay, this is fun haha. My sister really like llamas for some reason.. I think it’s because they look funny. And one of the other things we wanted to do in Lamington was to visit their Alpaca farm, but again too far from us. So we found another day tour that included a visit to the Alpaca farm at Lamington. Did we go? Oh yes haha.

We booked it through Australian Day Tours and as usual, picked up, guide and the tour was included. I really love these tours. They are perfect. Anyway, we started with a visit at the Gallery Walk at Tamborine Mountain and that is a 400m long walk with indigenous shops. I really liked it actually. Bought some tea and delicious fudge =)

After the gallery walk we took off to the… Alpaca farm!! Yay, haha! My sister was sooooo happy when we got there. We got a picture together with one of the alpacas and then we got some food for them and fed them. I got bitten, we got spat at haha. Aggressive female alpacas… It was so much fun anyway. We laughed a lot about it. They are really crazy and funny looking.

 IMG_6160 IMG_5575

We ended the tour with lunch at O’Reilly’s, which is located in the rainforest and then a treetop walk. It was raining and very cold so we didn’t enjoy it too much but it was cool to walk so high up of the trees.

 IMG_6178 IMG_6181

That’s not the treetop walk, forgot to take a picture of it. Just entering the rainforest.

So, now you’ve read all about what me and my sister did during her stay here and from now on, until next visit from someone, it will all be about me and my daily life here =) Of course I will do more tours and traveling and I will tell you all about it too. Hope you’re enjoying it so far!

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Treetop Challenge

Helloooo =)

Almost at the end of my sister’s trip and even though we were completely exhausted from everything we had done we continued till her last day haha.

When we went to Lamington National Park we thought we could do the treetop challenge there but it turned out it was far from where we were staying. So luckily, I managed to fit it in as a day tour. We used EscapeShuttle as transportation and were driven by a great man named Steve who owns the company. He picked us up from home, showed us a bit of Tamborine Mountain and an amazing lookout then took us personally to the office of Treetop Challenge. When we finished he came to pick us up and drop us off at home again. I’m definitely using his company again if I need to go somewhere.


Beautiful view from Tamborine Mountain

Anyway, enough about Steve haha. So the Treetop Challenge was one of the funniest things I’ve done here so far. I completely loved it. It was for sure challenging haha, and exhausting but it was so fun that you almost didn’t want to stop. I’m very proud of myself as I finished the black course, wiho! Oh, the black course is the toughest =) My sister gave up halfway on that and went on the two red course and then back to the reception haha. But I understand her. I almost wanted to start crying at the end of the black course haha. I was so dead. Here are some pictures of what a treetop challenge is for those who don’t know =)

  IMG_5528 IMG_5524 IMG_5522 2

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Moreton Island

We have now come to another amazingly beautiful sand island here in the Australian east coast. Moreton Island is the third biggest sand island in the world. Again, cool? Yup! Haha.


Me and sister had planned to stay for two days but unfortunately it was not dolphin season and we’d already seen whales so we took a day tour. We chose a good company, Sunset Safaris, that offered transportation to the ferry, with the ferry and on the island. Activities were included, such as snorkeling, kayaking and sand boarding. Our guide was Andrew who was super fun and kind. We met another guide on the island too who was with us on the snorkeling and kayaking. So that’s actually what we started with. We were taken to the part of the beach where a shipwreck was in the water. The tour guides gave us a quick briefing on how to kayak and this is the awesome part.. the kayak were see through!! So while we were kayaking we saw the fish under us hihi. The closer we got to the shipwreck the more fish there was. I loved it!!!


After the kayaking we did som snorkeling in the shipwreck area and we got to feed the fish so they were like attacking us haha. It was a great experience and I will definitely do some snorkeling here again but next time at the great barrier reef =)

We had some lunch before getting on the 4WD bus and taken to the desert where we were doing the sand boarding. I started but oh God, I didn’t get anywhere haha. My board was so bad that I only got halfway and then it stopped. We all laughed so much. My sister and two other guys had the best ones so every time they went they got all the way down. It was quite a steep hill and that made it all fun. I managed on my their attempt but then I didn’t go up again, I was happy with that haha. I was dying just from walking up that sandy hill. Do you know how tough it is haha.


So unfortunatley I don’t have many pictures to share for this post as I took most of them with my gopro and I don’t have them in my computer yet. But of course I will show you whenever I have them. For now you’re just going to have to enjoy the beautiful beach =)

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