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Taupo time!! So my posts are not always correct when it comes to the destination. Usually we stop somewhere on the road and for example in this post we were leaving Rotorua but did our road stop in Rotorua and since we were heading for Taupo I’m writing about it in the Taupo post. Hope it makes sense 😛

We had our first stop in the Redwoods in Rotorua which is a bush with the Californian redwood trees. An hour walk in the beautiful nature and then headed off to Huka Falls which is in Taupo :) They’re not high falls but the amount of water is what’s so special about them. I think it was something like 1220 litre a second/minute. I don’t remember exactly, but beautiful water!

 16426490_10158118397545392_1280737413_n 16443404_10158118397460392_482904427_n

When we got to Taupo we all checked in and then some of the travellers were going on a cruise ship, drinking and having pizza haha. Not my thing so I stayed in Taupo, met up with a friend who stayed an extra night there (lucky me) and we had a nice stroll along Lake Taupo (largest lake in New Zealand) and then a drink at Pub N Grub and dinner at Volcanic Kitchen. I would’ve stayed longer with him but I had to get up at 4.30 am for a walk so it was a fairly early evening but I had a great time =)

My second day was the super early one. Got picked up at 5.20 am with a bunch of other people and were driven to the Tongariro Alpine Crossing which is 1,5 hour from Taupo. The crossing itself takes 6-8 hours and for me it took about 7,5 hours. It was the most beautiful and hardest walk I’ve ever done. My whole body ached for three days haha, but it was so worth it! I’ve never been in that kind of nature before, just surrounded by volcanoes. Amazing!!!! I really hope everyone who goes to Taupo does that or they certainly miss out on something.


In the evening I had dinner at The Coffee Club with the same traveler I did the motor bike tour with. We were both exhausted so we really just had dinner and then back to our rooms.

My next stop was River Valley for just one night.

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Kia Ora! =)

Haven’t forgot about the blog like I do sometimes 😛 I’ve just not had time to update as the past week has been very busy. After Waitomo we went to Rotorua. On the way there we stopped at Ruakuri Bush and did a 30min walk. It was really nice with the natural tunnels. One of my highlights was about to incur this day, Hobbiton! 😀 That was our next stop after the bush walk. I loved, loved, loved it!!! It was so much fun to walk around in The Shire and see the movie set. I could go back there again haha. It was just too pretty 😀


 16359027_10158115790405392_694255850_n 16402337_10158115790415392_186266654_n

After the Hobbiton our day got a bit stressful. I had to check in at Astray Motel & Backpackers really quick and just get an overnight bag as me, 3 others and our tour guide were heading to Tamaki Maori Village. We were greeted by a Maori and he welcomed us the Maori way with speech and song. We then had really good cakes and tea followed by story telling which was very interesting and fascinating. After that we learned how to make flowers for sacrificing from the warriors and later on the rest of the group joined us and we watched a very nice Maori show with music, dance and other traditional performances. We were then served Hani which is Maori dinner (gooooddd) and everybody else left after that except us 5. We stayed for the night and so we ended our evening with drinks by the fireplace and then in the morning we had breakfast together before going back to our accommodation in Rotorua.

 16426347_10158115790400392_1242563121_n 16395645_10158115790510392_1757858169_n 16425442_10158115790495392_1389648710_n

I relaxed a bit when I got to the motel as I hadn’t slept very well the evening before and then I took a stroll around town but ended up in Kuirau Park which is a small park but beautiful. That day they had food market which suits me perfect haha. I got my lunch from there and then one of the other travellers joined me and we headed for our adventure, mountain biking 😛


We got our bikes at Mountain Bike Rotorua and then biked to Kakapiko Bush. It was so hard to mountain bike, damn. Of course I hurt myself a bit as well 😛 Always do haha. It was fun anyway though and it’s a nice bush. After that I had a shower, relaxed a bit and then went out for food. I ended up at Eat Street which I didn’t know they had there and it was so nice!!! Restaurants, bars, live music. I loved it. I had dinner at Leonardo’s which is Italian and then dessert at Lady Janes (yummy ice-cream). With the dessert, I took a stroll along Lake Rotorua and the lakefront was lovely. Perfect weather as well.


After some time I started walking back to the motel but changed my mind on the way and went to The Government Gardens instead. It’s not a very big park but it’s beautiful!! Rotorua was a good city even though it was small =) There definitely are a lot of things to do there.


See you in Taupo =)

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Adventurous Waitomo :)

Got here yesterday and leaving tomorrow morning. On the way from Hot Water Beach to Waitomo we stopped at a few places. First one was a beautiful lookout point which I unfortunately don’t know the name of. It was a short stop but we got to enjoy the views at least. Our second stop was at Karangahake Gorge where we did a 30min walk. It was so beautiful and quite a cool walk actually. Some of the bridges were swing bridges so they were moving while we walked on them and we walked on an old railway and in to the tunnels. I wish I had more time to walk there but I’m happy to have seen it anyway.

 16343811_10158097182380392_215481767_n 16244446_10158097182780392_1276741548_n

Lookout point // Karangahake Gorge

Our third stop was at a supermarket. We got 45mins there and then had to leave and something annoying/funny happened haha. The annoying thing was that 3 guys took off 2mins before we were leaving and we couldn’t understand why. We just saw them walking off. Rude and annoying. The funny part was that we drove around the block to find them, they saw the bus, started ”running” (slowest guys ever) and then on the bus they had to sing ”I will always love you” by Whitney Houston! God, we laughed so much at them. Best punishment ever for being late.

When we got to Waitomo I checked in at Waitomo Caves Hotel (so nice!) and then rushed down to the pick up and took off to adventures! Oh, the hotel I’m staying at has some kind of historical story behind it but I’m too scared to find out now that I’m staying here haha. I will look it up tomorrow when I’m leaving 😛 For now I’m just enjoying the beautiful views from here :)


The adventurous tour I did is called Black Abyss. It was in the Glowworm caves and we did abseiling, climbing on waterfalls, zip lining in the dark and floating in the water and watching the beautiful glowworms in the darkness. It was all 5 hours and it was amazing! We also found out that this is the cave where they filmed Golum in the water and where Gandalf lived =) I’m so happy I did it even though I froze my ass off 😛 We finished quite late so I just showered and stayed at the hotel.


Today I had a late morning (loved it) and then I walked up to Waitomo viewing point and stayed there for some time. The scenery was so beautiful and I just couldn’t stop looking. After that I walked through the bush to little Waitomo Village, had an ice-cream there and then went back to the hotel for lunch. I’ve been enjoying the sun sitting out on the terrace with another beautiful view which I realised was of the lookout point =) I’m having dinner here tonight and then an early evening as we’re leaving tomorrow morning for Rotorua and….. HOBBITOOOONNNN!! 😀

 16296020_10158097182950392_1631984364_n 16358573_10158097183150392_922363078_n

Terrace view // Viewing point

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Hot Water Beach


I’m skipping out on a separate post for my night in Auckland because I only went grocery shopping and that’s it. We arrived in the evening so I didn’t really have time to do much. I stayed at Nomads Hostel but in a private ensuite room and it was okay. Nothing fancy obviously because it’s a hostel. I was just happy it was a quiet night =)

The day after we were around 70 people I think taking the bus for Hot Water Beach. I haven’t been able to update on that until now because we didn’t have wifi out there and my 4G reception was not working either. It was so nice to stay offline for 2 days.

So, on the way from Auckland to Hot Water Beach we only stopped at a super market and then continued on on the beautiful roads. The surroundings are just amazing. I’ve tried to capture it on photo and video but it just doesn’t do any justice. One has to experience it to understand.

In Hot Water Beach I didn’t have any accommodation so I booked with the bus driver at Hot Water Beach Top 10 Holiday Park where I shared room with 2 Swedish girls, 2 German girls and 1 Italian guy. Very nice people =) The Holiday park was everything from tents to cottages to camper van parking to hostel. We stayed in the hostel part and it was so nice! Modern, clean, beautiful nature around and it seemed very new actually. I don’t mind charing room with people just for a night, especially when everybody is on the same tour. Like that night was very quiet as most of us were getting up early to catch the bus to Waitomo.


Anyway, enough about that =) What we did in Hot Water Beach was the Cathedral Cove kayaking tour which was about 2,5 hours. It was amazing!! We kayaked around the cliffs, enjoyed the beautiful scenery and when we got to the actual Cathedral Cove we walked around a bit to have a look and then our nice guide made us some hot beverages :) It was freezing cold so that was well needed haha. On the way back we kayaked through a beautiful cave. I got to sit in the same kayak as the tour guide on the way back and that was so luxurious because when my arms where tired I didn’t have to paddle 😛 Such a great tour!!

 16244238_10158097137450392_1806419656_n 16295983_10158097142200392_1876349265_n


Late in the evening we took a stroll down to the beach and watched the people who had dug a hole in the sand to make a hot pool out of it, The water that comes up is so hot that in some spots you can boil an egg. We didn’t do that but we touched the water at least 😛 Lazy people…

That was our day in Hot Water Beach and it was great fun! I really liked it there but I like every place here because of it’s sceneries haha.

Next update, Waitomo 😀

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Paihia, Bay of Islands

Good afternoon :)

On Saturday I arrived to Paihia which belongs to Bay of Islands in north New Zealand. On our way up from Auckland we stopped by at Whangarei Falls which were absolutely beautiful =) When I got to Paihia I went to Avo Sushi to get some lunch, checked in at Centabay Lodge where I was greeted by super friendly staff. My room was so clean and the bed was very comfortable. It’s some kind of hostel but with private rooms, hot tub and nice outdoor seating area. Very happy with that choice =) Oh and the best, it’s in a quiet area!


Whangarei falls

I had my first tour in the afternoon and that was a boat trip of 4 hours. It took us to the famous Hole in the rock and we got to see dolphins in one of our stops 😀 The weather got super windy so the boat ride was a bit insane. I had taken 2 tablets for motion sickness but I felt so sick anyway haha. Was just about to vomit but my third tablet kicked in so puh, I didn’t vomit. But a lot of people did I think, as I saw quite many sitting with the bags haha. Blaaahhhhh. Unfortunately I didn’t get to enjoy the hole in the rock too much as that’s when I felt the worst but I was with 3 other people who will send me photos 😛 We also got off in Otehey Bay which was such a beautiful island with the most amazing view. It doesn’t give justice on the photos, one have to be there to enjoy it. While back in Paihia me and Marcel went to the supermarket to get some breakfast. I was supposed to meet up with him later on but my tablets made me so drowsy I fell asleep at 8 pm haha. I actually did my best to stay awake until then… Never taking 3 again haha.

 16295283_10158072811830392_767675169_n 16237399_10158072812230392_1949384566_n

Mrs Captain // Hole in the rock

16216354_10158072811735392_1615964434_n 16176750_10158072812155392_1066067409_n

Dplphins 😀 // Otehey Bay

On my second day I was doing another tour and this time to Cape Reinga which is as far north you can get in New Zealand. Pretty cool eh 😉 And this is also where the Pacific Ocean meets Tasman Sea. Another cool thing 😉 On the way up there we had a few stops. The first one was in Taipa which is a small village by the beach. Beautiful! The second stop was on the 90 Mile Beach where we rode with the bus. Similar to what me and my sister did on Fraser Island. We had a stop at Te Paki sand dunes for sand boarding and that’s quite close to 90 Mile Beach. I didn’t do the sand boarding as I’ve done it before and I couldn’t bother get sand EVERYWHERE haha. But it was fun watching everybody else =) And old people did it as well haha. They’re so cool! After the sand boarding we had our lunch stop where we got fish and chips. Greasy, but good. And the last stop was at Manginangina forest. Now, there’s a funny but sad story about this forest. The Queen (queen of England) was visiting New Zealand and decided this is the forest she wants to see. The kind Kiwis built a bridge of 360m that takes 5mins to get around so that the queen could have a nice walk there. It cost them a lot of money and took them a long time to build. Her Highness got there, started walking a few meters and got to the part where the bridge divides and stopped there. She had a look for a minute or two, said ”This is nice” and then went back to her limo haha!! It’s so mean to the Kiwis to do that after all the effort they’ve been through but it’s funny that she was happy with just look at it for a very, very short time.

 16176750_10158072812265392_1332739262_n 16295264_10158072812565392_1477538632_n 16237419_10158072812455392_1459595677_n

Taipa // Manginangina forest // Cape Reinga


Te Paki sand dunes

Cape Reinga tour was a very long day but since the sun is up longer here than in Australia I figured I need to enjoy it so I bought ice-ream at Mövenpick and took a seat by the ocean. Loved it.

My third and last day is today. I’m about to head back to Auckland just for the night and tomorrow we have an early pick up for Hot Water Beach.

So today I actually had another tour to Russell island where we would do a caves and grottos walk but it got cancelled because of boat maintenance. Instead I did the Opua Coastal walk here in Paihia. It was so nice to wake up, have breakfast and then start my day with a long beach walk. I had lunch with me but when I was having it a bee flew in to my salad and refused to get out haha. I threw it and went to Avo Sushi again. Had a seat by the ocean, spoke to a very nice older British couple and then had my dessert from Cellini’s. Ice-cream with brownie pieces, chocolate and caramel sauce and berries. Yummy! I walked just across the street where I found Williams House Public Library that had a cute little garden so I had a seat there and enjoyed my delicious sundae.

 16295626_10158072812805392_1406870713_n 16295173_10158072812625392_693309732_n

Williams House // Opua Coastal walk

Not sure I will update again about my second stay in Auckland as I’m arriving there tonight and will probably only have dinner and then sleep :) Nothing interesting really. So talk to you when I’m done with Hot Water Beach :)


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